Guideline for On-site Chairing

Guideline for Oral Session Chair
Before Your Session

1. Check the Program
Prior to departure for the meeting, check the program on our website ( or see the advance program, to find the time slot for the session that you are chairing.

2. Pick up the Materials for Session Chair from Registration Desk
Please arrive at the registration desk about 20 minutes prior to the start of the session and pick up the material prepared for session chair.

3. Check the Meeting Room
Please arrive at the conference room about 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and familiarize yourself with the controls for lights, microphones, and a beam projector. If you encounter problems, immediately alert the session staff who is serving your session in the conference room. Meanwhile, you have to check the presence of individual speaker in your session.

During Your Session

1. Introduction
At the start of the session, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system to the audience, and as often during the session as you think necessary

2. Time Allotment
The normal allotted time for each speaker depends upon the number of papers in your session. If possible, you may give a brief introduction of the speaker to the audience, including his or her affiliation and position, at the beginning of each presentation.

3. Absent Speakers
Should a speaker fail to appear, you may proceed the session by rearranging the presentation schedule until it is ended. If you are notified of the absence of any speaker before the session starts, please announce it to the audience. You have to report the absence of any speaker to the secretariat for conference administration at the registration desk.